T7 Newsletter Issue 2, 08/26/2016

Citizens of Egypt,

The player meet was great. I got to meet quite a few of you and had a great time. Thanks for not beating on me too badly. I got some great feedback and discussed plans for the rest of the telling and some ideas for Tale 8.

A welcome back weekend will start at noon CDT, October 28, 2016 and run for 72 hours (Noon CDT, October 31, 2016). What is a welcome back weekend? It is a time for all players old and new to sign into the game and hang out. You can see the tests that have been released and join in the events. If your account is currently unpaid, you will be sent back to Egypt for the duration of the welcome back event.

Werewolves in Egypt is a version of the party game known as Werewolf/Mafia/Assassin, adapted to a massively multiplayer environment. We'll play this starting: Saturday, Oct 29, beginning at 12:00 Noon CST (GMT-0600)

Those that sign up to play (by building a Mortuary Temple) are randomly split into Werewolves and Villagers. The game proceeds in night-day rounds of 30 minutes each. During night rounds, werewolves are active. They may:

  • Sniff a Mortuary Temple to get a fellow player's scent (3x/night)
  • Attack a player who's scent they have already gotten (1x/night)
  • During day rounds villagers are active. They may:

  • Vote to lynch a suspected werewolf. Villagers get 1 votes per day
  • A few Villagers are also Seers. Seers have the ability to tell who is a werewolf, and they may use this special ability 7x/day.

    Prizes will be distributed to the winning team - if Villagers win, prizes are based on how many Werewolves each Villager helped lynch. If the Werewolves win, then prizes are based on how many Villagers each Werewolf helped kill. This event is an absolute blast - don't miss it!

    Fall on the Nile,
    Pluribus (Pharaoh of Egypt)


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