T6 Newsletter Issue 2, 08/20/2015

Citizens of Egypt,

As we begin preparing to wind down Tale 6, I would like to thank all the players who have continued to enjoy this world of ours. Without your encouragement, and love of the game, it is unlikely that it would have made it this far.

There have been a lot of changes in ATITD universe these last few years, some good, some not so good. For those who are haven't been paying much attention to ATITD; I, Pluribus, have taken over the management and on-going development of ATITD. What this means from a practical standpoint is that the same game that you have known and loved is getting a lot more developer attention. I have spent way more time than I ever thought possible to get the current code into the shape that I consider it to be reasonably good. I wont say bug free. There will ALWAYS be something, but I hope any issues are much less noticeable. It is my goal to make Tale 7 to be one of the best tellings yet.

Current Telling Information and Plans

Tale 6 is now free to play until the end of the telling. Everyone is welcome to come and enjoy.

The test of Isis' Bounty has been delayed until later in Tale 7 due to lack of art resources, I do still intend to release it. The players have voted and the test of the Oyster Catcher was re-released to round out the Human Body discipline for Tale 6.

The Monuments have been released for building. This marked the official windup to the ending of Tale 6. I will run the final test passing on September 6, 2015 at 3PM Central Time (GMT-0500). ATITD Tale 6 will officially end after the passings have been run, with Amnesty discussions immediately following. The server will remain alive until Noon Central Time, September 8, 2015.

Tale 7 Information

So lets start with the fun information, what is different between Tale 6 and Tale 7 that are truly noteworthy. (At least to me :-) )

As many tests as are feasible are returning to Tale 7. This means that the players will no longer be limited to 7 tests per discipline. Some of the tests are changing to make them better tests in light of some of the lessons learned with them.

An Oracle will be re-defined to be a player who has completed 7 or more tests per discipline. More on how this will change the end game will be discussed later in the telling.

There is a slight less emphasis on levels on Tale 7. I have begun transitioning the level system back to a more purely based skill system, but this transition will not be feature complete in time for Tale 7 launch. To make the level less of a hassle for the experienced players who don't want bother with some tests, I have arranged for paid players to receive special non-tradable tokens at the end of each paid month that can be used to give treats of beer to the thirsty scientists. It may be possible to bribe some of them to bypass test principles and possibly even gain citizenship with them. Pre-paid players will receive the full complement of their terms worth of tokens up front.

The conflict games will once again be available on a non-restricted basis. Once the players have opened conflict shrine construction the players will have full access to all the conflict games, there will be regularly scheduled and separately ranked tournaments.

Vegetable seeds are now crossbreed-able.

Flax Strains have been changed. There are also now more starting strains.

The achievement system has been expanded and will allow us to add a significant number of achievements to the game.

There is a new title system will make it easier for us to create new titles for players and manage them in a dynamic method. Expect to see more titles in the future.

Hopefully 7 new legacy tests. Please consider logging into Tale 6 and supporting one or more of the monuments.

And MUCH, MUCH more.

Tale 7 Pricing and Pre-order Information

There has been a price drop from the previous tellings fees. The new month to month rate will be $11.95 USD per month.

Longer term plans are also available:

  • 3 month: $35
  • 6 month: $69
  • 1 year: $131.00 (Over a full free month)
  • Full Telling: $193.50 (Almost two free months with an expected 18 month telling. If it goes longer, you save even more since every month beyond that 18 months are also included.)
  • - To view the goodies with each package, please login to Tale 6 and select Utility/Billing/Store/Package Information

    BETA Information

    A Tale in the Desert Tale 7 Open Beta will begin on Friday, August 28, 2015 at around Noon Central Time (GMT-0500) and will run until September 11, 2015 Noon Central Time. Currently, there are no plans to export data from the Open Beta to live. So this server will remain live until ATITD Tale 7 is alive for all.

    Preorders will NOT be available in the Beta, in order to eliminate possible reserved character name conflicts. Please login to Tale 6 to make your preorder there.

    Player Gathering

    I will be starting a poll shortly after the start of Tale 7 to get a feeling on if the one player gathering per tale works for players or if they would prefer yearly or even smaller twice yearly events. The main purpose of previous player gatherings was to go over the new tests, work out Teppy's thinking on them and establish what the expected mechanic of the test will be. I would still like to do that either in the fall or early winter this year. So, Keep an eye out for the polls after the beginning of T7.

    Special Thanks

    A new Tale, A new Tale theme. As some people may have noticed, there is a new title theme. I would like to do a shout out the music man himself, Keith Zizza. There are now regional tunes for the majority of regions. The discipline of Harmony now has a music theme for it. Keith is a very experienced and talented musical artist and I am lucky to have him doing work for me.

    Zatarg has made a tremendous leap forward in the UI. It is still ongoing, but already I hate going back to Tale 6 :-)

    Telanoc has helped port the old tests and has re-written some of the old mechanics to make some of the things make more sense.

    Asnath and the other translators have helped me insanely by getting the translations more into shape. Expect them to keep progressing even after live.

    Nikara and the Events Team helped keep T6 alive when few others where.

    Thank you to all the Alpha testers, They found more bugs than I ever would like to admit and helped to make sure they are dead.

    Night time on the Nile,
    Pluribus (Pharaoh of Egypt)


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