Pluribus Games

General Information

Welcome to Pluribus Games. You wont find much information here, just our current projects and a little information about us. Feel free to drop us a line if at the contact below if you need further information.

For the curious, We have five projects in progress.
The first two projects were the linux and OSX ports of the massive multiplayer game, A Tale in the Desert. These projects are complete and in a maintenance mode.
The third project is the development of a new massive multiplayer game called "Moirai Online". Stay tuned here for details and links.
The fourth project is the support and maintenance of client code for a new bitcoin game called Dragon's Tale. Please note, that we are not responsible for Dragon's Tale, nor have any involvement in its day to day operation. Please contact eGenesis ( for further information.
The fifth project is still under wraps until formally announced. Stay tuned here for details and links.

Company Information

We are a small game development startup that started out porting code to the Linux and OSX platforms in 2001.

Pluribus Games, LLC is currently owned and operated by Ronald McCormick.

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